1. Sliders are for who?

Sliders low frame design and excellent cross-point geometry for people over the age of 12, is not limited to men and women, only the weight limit 85KG.

2. Sliders frame design is so low; will it hit anything?

We calculate the various road conditions, he can ramp up and down 25 degrees and not hit the ladder and the sidewalk, the lowest point of the frame slip pedal is 100mm, it’s a balanced design between ride and glide.
Sliders, as wheel scooters, we hope you riding glide it safety.

3. What is School & Track and Avenue & Metro biggest difference?

School & Track mainly for commuters as a means of transport as the main design concept, so that we can at an acceptable price to experience Sliders, and feel Sliders’s interesting.
Avenue & Metro from designer Paul's insistence, hope to give you a taste of the full Sliders personality, you can find as well as maintenance-free transmission system and saddle with leather, so you worth collecting and showing off, distinctive taste Sliders!

Feel free to email us contact@the-sliders.com for more questions!